Our story

Women In Leadership Advancement Network (WILAN) Global is a Nigerian based international organization that is focused on promoting women's leadership across all levels of political, economic, and public life.

WILAN Non-profit organization

Our Vision

To inspire a shift to gender-balanced leadership across all levels of political, economic, and public life

Our Mission

To ease access to the community, knowledge, resources, opportunities, and support that women need on their journey to become effective and thriving leaders

What makes us different

Our Core Values


We are non-conformists and seek to change the status quo


We leverage technology and new media to achieve our goals.


We partner vertically and horizontally to inspire and scale impact


We are structured and efficient professionals.


We stand for Women and commit to prioritizing them in every way.


We deliver a new, authentic, and original approach to women’s leadership


We display knowledge, understanding and good judgment on the subject of women’s leadership.

WILAN Non-profit organization

Dedicated to promoting Women leadership Across both public and private sectors

In our years of operation, we have organized programmes to address the various challenges women face in leadership and enhance their experience of leadership.

We have also successfully created a strong and safe online community where women in leadership can grow, learn, connect, give, and receive support. This community also participates in programs and activities onground that are geared towards effective women leadership.



In 2022, WILAN Non-profit launched a campaign with the goal of raising one hundred thousand excellent women leaders in Nigeria over the next decade. 

Our Goals And Objectives




WILAN Global Consulting Limited

Nigeria's Premier Gender Consulting Company

Aimed at strengthening Gender diversity and Advance women inclusion in leadership at every level of government in Nigeria.

With more than 50 years of cumulative experience, our team of subject matter experts is qualified to provide strategies and world-class initiatives to individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their commitment to gender equity and women inclusion. 

Our services ranges from Programme design to research resource mobilization training, events, and more. 

Our services


Programme Design and Implementation

Our team of experts design practical, step by step solutions to problems with effective and timely implementation.



Get our consultants to perform a thorough research on any aspect of your organization and provide recommendations based on research findings.


Resource Mobilization

We can help your organization handle all activities related to securing additional resources and funding to execute your projects.



With our years of experience, we are positioned to help you navigate through this challenging landscape of gender equity and women inclusion.



Whether you seek to create gender equity and women inclusion structures, policies or improve on existing strategies, our subject matter experts have the experience and resources to support your organization. We always work to simplify complex processes and create structures that impact sustainable change.



We provide training to advance the cause of women leadership at all levels of political, economic, and public life.


Strategic Communication

We have the capacity to manage your company's internal and external communication processes. Our services also extend to formulating information policies that would guide the activities of your organization.



Get the best hands to organize your women inclusion and gander equity events when you work with us


Ready to take your organization and business to the next level?

Strategic Plan 2023-2025

We have developed a 3-year strategic plan for 2023 – 2025 to serve as a robust mechanism for leading change, and a roadmap that outlines what success means to WILAN. More specifically, in 2023, we have set an intentional tone and want to be known for work that informs, inspires action, and impacts change.

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