Women Supporting Women: Are Women Really Allies of Women? 

women supporting women
We can all relate to having amazing female friends who have our backs no matter what. Those ride-or-die besties who will drop everything to
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We can all relate to having amazing female friends who have our backs no matter what. Those ride-or-die besties who will drop everything to lend an ear, give you a shoulder to cry on, or maybe just binge-watch a TV show with you when you need it most. That is the kind of loyalty, honesty, and genuine care that women supporting women bring to their friendships and relationships. 

But here is the thing, as great as we are at being there for each other one-on-one, it gets trickier translating that awesomeness into society-wide collaboration and support between women. Yes, we have incredible examples of women empowering women throughout history. But keeping that energy going on a larger scale? Well, that is where things get a bit more complicated. 

It is not that the desire or ability is not there. Women instinctively want to uplift and protect one another. We get how powerful that sense of sisterhood can be. But somehow, maintaining that united front against all the noise and pressures of the world is not always easy. 

That is the challenge; how do we take that beautiful sharing, caring nature so many women possess and amplify it into an unstoppable force for empowerment? 

Women Supporting Women: The Need for Intentional Collaboration 

Being there for each other does not just happen automatically for women, despite how nurturing we can be by nature. Building a real culture of women truly lifting each other up takes conscious effort and intention. 

It’s easy for subtle jealousy, comparisons, and even internalized misogyny to creep in and fracture that sense of sisterhood, however unintentional it might be. We must proactively work on developing honest, symbiotic relationships free of those toxic patterns. 

Only by recognizing those ingrained biases within us and actively unlearning them can we become true allies who empower rather than undercut one another. It takes wit, vulnerability, and persistence, but establishing that uplifting dynamic is crucial for women’s collective progress. 

The Power of Subtle Messaging and How to Overcome Misogyny 

One of the biggest roadblocks to women supporting women is how deeply ingrained certain sexist narratives have become in our culture, often in deceptively subtle ways through media and entertainment. Think about the stereotypical portrayals we are bombarded with from an early age – the damsel in distress, the nagging wife, the conniving femme fatale. Their cumulative effect in devaluing women’s worth cannot be overstated. We are talking about generations being conditioned to unconsciously accept these limiting beliefs that seep into how we view ourselves and each other. 

At the same time, we cannot be passive consumers, letting these demeaning undercurrents slide. Dismantling those harmful stereotypes brick-by-brick through shifting our entertainment norms is pivotal to reshaping society’s mindset. To foster an empowering environment, we must be intentional about rejecting regressive ideals and redefining the narrative around what it means to be a woman. 

And that all starts with each of us doing the work to identify our own problematic conditioning and unconscious biases we may have internalized against our own gender. Only by recognizing those ingrained prejudices can we start unpacking and unlearning those self-defeating mental roadblocks. It is about graduating from unconscious undermining to conscious uplifting between women. Having the humility and vulnerability to address our own misogyny is crucial to becoming empowered allies who champion each other’s authentic success. 

Overcoming Internalized Misogyny  

One barrier to cultivating these symbiotic relationships is the insidious presence of internalized misogyny—the unconscious endorsement of sexist beliefs that can manifest  

Despite these hurdles, a powerful truth remains, when women unite as strategic partners, their collective influence is unparalleled. Throughout history, women have proven their capacity as visionary tacticians, adeptly manoeuvring behind the scenes as “kingmakers” to enact profound change. By harnessing this prowess through cooperative efforts and extending strategic inter-gender support, women can fully realize their power as catalysts of societal progress. 

The Path Forward  

While the cultural and systemic barriers to women’s solidarity are formidable, we must not lose sight of our inherent power to uplift each other. By intentionally nurturing collaborative relationships and forging strategic partnerships, we can stand unified in a symbiotic pursuit of progress. 

An incredible resource for cultivating this vital allyship is The Leading Woman Show. Airing every Sunday at 6:30 pm, this groundbreaking program provides invaluable insights and community-building to ensure women become each other’s strongest supporters. Be sure to follow @wilanglobal on social media for inspiring content centred around true sisterhood. 

At the end of the day, it is only through consciously uplifting one another as allies and women supporting women that the full, unstoppable force of women’s potential can be unleashed upon society. Let us lead the charge together towards an equitable world of mutual empowerment. 

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