Leadership Accelerator Programme for Young African Women

An eight weeks Accelerator programme for young African women aspiring to reach leadership positions in their various careers.

In a world striving for progress, Africa stands at the threshold of change. However, one glaring truth remains: women’s leadership in the continent remains a challenge. This insight was highlighted by McKinsey in 2020 and echoed by the African Development Bank – a dearth of women in leadership roles prevails.

But wait, let’s break these chains of misconception. At the heart of this issue lies a deeply rooted bias – the belief that young women cannot lead. Ingrained patriarchal norms have cast shadows on the potential of women across Africa, stifling their ascent to leadership positions.

The Leadership Accelerator Programme, a partnership between WILAN Global and LEAP Africa, is an initiative that seeks to rewrite the narrative, bridging the chasm, and ushering African women into the realm of leadership.

For eight weeks, this dynamic hybrid program has equipped young African women aged 21-35 with the indispensable knowledge and skills they need to conquer leadership roles across diverse sectors. 

Guided by female industry trailblazers, participants delved into themes like “Identity and Self Leadership,” “Financial Literacy and Salary Negotiation,” and “Effective Communication and Leadership.” The journey culminated in a physical mentorship and closing ceremony, featuring luminaries such as Kehinde Ayeni, Molade Adeniyi, Hansatu Adegbite, Amabelle Nwakanma, and our very own Abosede George-Ogan.

But here’s the magic – it didn’t stop there. Exclusive one-on-one mentorship sessions connected these aspiring leaders with established female icons, further fueling their fire to shatter glass ceilings.

And now, our story merges with yours. Through your unwavering support, we can amplify this movement, arming more African women with the leadership prowess the continent demands.

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Let’s craft leaders, ignite change, and build a future where every voice counts.

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