The Power of Women’s Club in Creating Gender-Balanced Leadership 

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There is immense power in women’s club; when women come together, connect, and support one another personally and professionally. However, thriving connections rarely happen
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There is immense power in women’s club; when women come together, connect, and support one another personally and professionally. However, thriving connections rarely happen spontaneously; conscious effort must be made to create inclusive spaces that foster growth. In this post, we will explore perspectives on how best to cultivate empowering networks and relationships among women. 

How to identify the best network for you 

The journey starts with self-discovery. As women and girls, you must first know who you are as a person. The journey of knowing who you are is never fully concluded, but if you know who you are, you’ll know the platform or women’s club you need at that time and that’s what you use. Understanding your interests, values, strengths, and growing edges is a lifelong process. With self-insight comes clarity on where you can uniquely contribute and how to find contexts where you can flourish while uplifting others.   

Is there anything like a self-made woman? 

The self-made woman is largely an illusion. Behind nearly every woman’s success story lies a community lifting her up. If any woman says, ‘I got here by myself’, she’s a liar because someone lifted you up, mentioned your name in a room, created opportunities, and made recommendations and referrals. The women who thrive have sponsors advocating for them, connectors introducing them to the right people, and relationships that nourish their development. Mentorship, sponsorship, and networking accelerate growth in ways that going solo rarely can. 

Why do women need communities? 

Women often crave deep, supportive connections in addition to strategic relationships and transactions. Women are relational beings while men are transactional. As women, we can transact, but there’s also that relational aspect that we like to enjoy, that’s how we’re designed by God. The most empowering women’s networks balance authentic camaraderie with an action-oriented focus on collaborating and advancing members’ goals. This requires effort from members. When you come into the women’s club, you’ve to be ready to put in the work; you’ve to understand the place of honour. 

How to get more women in leadership positions  

We need more inclusive networks, women’s club and new niches that address overlooked groups’ needs. There are not enough women’s clubs. We need more of it, and we should create more platforms with key values in different niches for women to thrive in. The landscape still lacks enough spaces tailored for women leaders, working mothers, young professionals, those re-entering the workforce after raising children, late career women eyeing retirement, entrepreneurs in underfunded spaces and more. There remains immense unfulfilled potential.   

How to own your own as a woman 

Having a seat at influential decision-making tables remains a challenge, but one we must keep addressing proactively. As women, we must keep on consciously pulling, pushing, and breaking down every single door and insisting that there are women who should be at the table. If we don’t insist, it’ll not happen. Progress depends on our continually stepping up, using our voice, and clearing the way for emerging female leaders to advance. 

Avoiding the Queen Bee Syndrome 

As women leaders occupy more positions of influence, guarding against the Queen Bee syndrome where gatekeepers block others becomes increasingly relevant. The mindset is one where, because you struggled hard to get to your position, others must struggle as well, rather than paying it forward. However, lifting and empowering others is essential for ongoing progress. 

The Bottom Line 

Thriving women’s club and relationships that create community, open doors, and empower members to reach their potential remain indispensable. We should continually expand the number of inclusive, uplifting spaces for women to connect, collaborate, and help one another rise. Our shared future depends on it. At WILAN, we are working towards a world where collaboration, understanding, and empowerment form gender-balanced leadership. That is why The Leading Woman Show was created. To address and unearth some of these persistent biases women struggle with on their leadership journeys The Leading Woman show airs every Sunday by 6:30 pm on Channels Television and on our YouTube channel, @wilanglobal. Please subscribe to watch and follow us @wilanglobal on all social media platforms.   

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