WILAN Seeks Production Partner for The Leading Woman Show Season 3 

The leading woman show
Calling all talented production companies. WILAN (Women in Leadership Advancement Network), a leading advocate for gender-balanced leadership in Nigeria, is seeking proposals from experienced
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Calling all talented production companies. WILAN (Women in Leadership Advancement Network), a leading advocate for gender-balanced leadership in Nigeria, is seeking proposals from experienced production companies to develop Season 3 of its impactful TV show, The Leading Woman Show

About The Leading Woman Show 

This award-winning talk show tackles critical issues related to achieving gender equality in leadership positions. Through insightful conversations and diverse perspectives, the show aims to bridge the gap in Nigerians’ perception of women as leaders. 

Previous Seasons 

Season 1, the “Election Series,” focused on women’s political inclusion, while Season 2, the “Governance Series,” explored the dynamics of leadership and the importance of gender balance in shaping a better future. The show launched its debut season in 2022 and was tagged the Election Series ahead of the 2023 general elections. The show was a pioneer in focusing on the intersection of women and politics. 

With support from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the series aimed to shape public perceptions of the critical role of women’s leadership in the nation’s development. Covering topics from the hurdles of political involvement to challenging stereotypes, the show brought together influential figures, including legal practitioners, presidential aspirants, media personalities, and human rights activists. 

Our goal was clear: to address the deep-rooted issue of women’s underrepresentation in politics and leadership. You can binge-watch the entire season one here   

Following the success of Season 1, the show premiered Season 2 on January 14th, 2024. This season took a deep dive into women in governance and the persistent barriers hindering the ascent of women in governance in not just Nigeria but also Africa. You can watch season 2 here. Now we are gearing up for Season 3 and therefore seeking production partners 

The leading woman show

What We’re Looking For 

We’re seeking a highly qualified production company with a proven track record to join us in creating Season 3. The ideal candidate will be: 

  • A registered Nigerian production company (preferably based in Abuja) 
  • Established for at least five years with experience in TV talk shows 
  • Adept at scriptwriting, production, and editing 
  • Capable of delivering high-quality work within strict deadlines and budgets 
  • Backed by satisfied clients who can provide strong recommendations 

Scope of Work 

The selected company will be responsible for the complete production cycle of Season 3, encompassing 13 episodes. This includes: 

  • Pre-Production: Collaborating with WILAN to develop a detailed production plan and budget, securing film permits, hiring crew members, and booking locations. 
  • Production: Overseeing all aspects of filming, including shooting schedules, set design, cast and crew management, and ensuring the highest quality standards across the board. 
  • Post-Production: Managing the editing process, securing music rights and sound effects, color correction, final sound mixing, and delivering final HD master copies of each episode. 

Selection Criteria 

Proposals will be evaluated based on: 

  • Experience in producing scripted television series 
  • Proven ability to work with tight budgets and timelines 
  • The quality of cinematography, sound design, and overall production in previous projects 
  • Suitability and availability of the proposed team and resources 
  • Understanding of The Leading Woman Show’s tone and style 
  • Competitive pricing 

How to Apply 

Interested production companies should submit proposals by June 7th, 2024 to with the subject line “WILAN The Leading Woman Show: Season 3.” Your proposal should include: 

  • A company profile highlighting relevant TV production experience, particularly in similar shows. 
  • Previous work samples showcasing the quality and style of your productions. 
  • Your creative approach and vision for Season 3. 
  • Team and key personnel qualifications. 
  • A detailed production timeline with key milestones and deliverables. 
  • A comprehensive budget breakdown. 
  • Any additional services that could enhance the production process or show quality. 


Upon completion, the successful production company will deliver: 

  • 13 fully produced, broadcast-ready episodes of The Leading Woman Show 
  • Promotional materials (trailers, teasers, etc.) for marketing purposes 
  • All raw footage and project files 
  • A fully detailed show script 

We look forward to receiving your proposals and partnering with a talented team to bring Season 3 of The Leading Woman Show to life! Download the proposal document above.

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